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St Thomas More
Catholic Primary School

The role of Key Worker enables a close relationship to be built with you, the Parents/Carers and your child.  Your child's Key Worker will work closely to develop a relationship with you all.  We will work to build confidence, security and trust in unfamiliar surroundings. By working closely with you and sharing information, your child's Key Worker will be able to get a better understanding of your child’s needs.

Your child's Key Worker will comfort, support and guide your child through their new experiences of Nursery, always showing a sensitive approach and understanding manner. 

The role of Key Worker will be implemented the moment you and your child start the Nursery, and your child's Key Worker will liaise with you on a frequent basis and will always be available if any concerns arise.

If your child is happy and feels secure, what they have learned and experienced in Nursery will create strong and lasting foundations on which to build in later life.