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St Thomas More
Catholic Primary School

St Thomas More Catholic Nursery

St Thomas More Catholic Nursery

At St Thomas More Catholic Nursery everyone, children, parents and staff are special. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to maximise their potential in all areas of their development. This will be acheived through the provision of a safe, secure and high quality child centred environment. The environment will encourage the child to grow as an individual. We take into account religion, culture, gender and ethnicity.

We also aim to create a strong partnership between parents and the Nursery. We hope that our children can look upon the Nursery as a home from home experience.

We believe that:

  • All children are different                        
  • All children are equal
  • All children have rights

When collecting your child you may ask them “What have you done today?” common replies are “I don’t know", "Nothing" or " Just playing”.

You may not always be able to see what they have been doing. Drawings and paintings are a visible sign; but their play does not always have a tangible end product.                  

Children learn by: -      

  • Exploring/Investigating
  • Watching/Listening
  • Creating/Communicating

All of this will contribute to having and forming positive relationships and developing self–confidence. Children learn by making mistakes having the confidence to try again giving them and reinforce self-achievement which will in turn reflect in their future learning. Please encourage them.

A high quality Nursery is much more than just colours, shapes, numbers and letter its about learning to be independent, confident, strong and curious. It’s all about playing. Observing, planning  and Record keeping enables us to meet each child’s individual needs. This is recorded in the Record of Achievement. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) states that good quality child care is divided into four areas:-

  • Unique child
  • Positive relationships.
  • Enabling environments.
  • Learning and development.

All these areas need to be created in order to provide a top quality Nursery environment.  We demonstrate this by ensuring that children engage in activities, which are planned though our observations and extend their knowledge and understanding. All staff attend regular training days to keep up to date with changes and to ensure we meet the needs of children and families.

Please find a copy of our most recent Ofsted Report below.